cDc Old School Hacker Shirt

cDc Old School Hacker Shirt

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What you need to know

Did you miss your last chance to purchase and wear one of these shirts at a con more than a decade ago? Did you wear your shirt out because you wore it all the time, or did you just get old and fat? None of that matters anymore, we're producing a new line of these incredible shirts, and you don't have to go anywhere to get them but here! It's for a limited time only though, and when they're gone you're gonna wish you bought a couple more for the future!

You can have your virtual ticket into the Suite of the Elite! You can impress legions of greybeards, neckbeards, and airport security personnel just by walking in the room. This design is based on the old school ASCII logo design with the text presented in the genuine Apple II 80-Column font, like it should be. Help us celebrate 32 years of doin' burnouts on someone's digital lawn with this commemorative shirt.