ATL - Too Busy To Hate

ATL - Too Busy To Hate

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What you need to know

A quick history lesson: During the 1960's, Atlanta's political and business leaders sought to set Atlanta apart from other cities across the South and created the tag line "Atlanta - Too Busy To Hate". While the goal was to promote a pro-business environment, the slogan has a continued meaning today when there is so much uneasiness and division among so many.

Today our amazing home has become a true melting-pot of different races, cultures, creeds, beliefs, and family structures... The ATL is a beautiful and vibrant place with people who match their surroundings. Celebrate the ATL and tell the world what we're all about down here. LOVE! ACCEPTANCE! UNDERSTANDING THROUGH COMMUNICATION!

Let's always be too busy to hate... but never be too busy to stop and love one another!