Payment, Refund, Return, Cancellation and Privacy Policies

Time of Payment

Customers will be charged at the time their order is placed. Once a customer order is placed, the process of printing, packing and shipping begins. Since each garment is printed on-demand and specifically for each individual customer we cannot offer refunds.

Time of Shipping

Order processing and customization begins immediately when an order is placed. Garments are prepared for press and printed shortly after a TeeBlast™ campaign ends. TeeBlaster typically ships customer orders within two (2) weeks after the end of a TeeBlast. Shipping confirmation and tracking numbers are typically sent via email directly to customers when their order ships.

Order Cancellation, Refund, and/or Exchanges

TeeBlaster products are on-demand, custom products, created specifically for each individual customer. Unfortunately, because of the nature of these custom products, we do not allow refunds, cancellations or exchanges. If for whatever reason, you feel there was an error on our part or if the item is damaged, please contact us and submit a claim to All claims are handled on a case-by-case basis. When applicable, please send a picture of the error so we can isolate the issue and resolve it internally.

If we make an error, the item is damaged, or if the item doesn't meet our standards, we will do our best to make it right and ensure you receive the product exactly as you ordered it.

Order Changes/Edits

In most cases the creation of your custom product begins immediately upon ordering. In some cases we may be able to make changes or edits to your order for things such as garment size, garment color, shipping address, etc. TeeBlaster will do everything possible to make edits/changes before an order prints or ships. Order changes/edits can only be made on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on an array of factors and timing. Please contact immediately if you require assistance with an edit or change to an existing order.

Product Loss

Risk of loss for all orders will be passed to the customer upon delivery of the goods to the shipping carrier. If your order is found to be lost or there was a delivery error, please contact within fourteen (14) days of your delivery date. All claims are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Early Termination of a TeeBlast™ Campaign

Early Termination of a TeeBlast™ Campaign By the Owner

In certain situations, a TeeBlast™ campaign owner may request an early termination of their campaign. Upon verbal or written request for termination, TeeBlaster will end the TeeBlast campaign, begin the printing and production process, and ship orders exactly as customers have ordered them. After orders are complete and shipped, the TeeBlast™ campaign owner will be paid what is owed at the time the TeeBlast™ was removed from the site.

Early Termination of a TeeBlast™ Campaign by TeeBlaster

In certain situations and at TeeBlaster's discretion, TeeBlast™ campaigns can be terminated early, terminated completely, limited in terms of accessibility, or hidden from main pages or areas of the site. TeeBlaster also reserves the right to terminate use of the site and user accounts based solely on its discretion and based on misconduct or failure to adhere to the terms of service. Furthermore, by using our service you agree that TeeBlaster will not be liable to you or any third party for termination of your access to or the TeeBlaster service as a whole or in part.

DMCA/Intellectual Property Disputes

TeeBlast™ campaign owners are solely responsible for the content they upload and use. If you believe someone using our service has violated a copyright, trademark or has used intellectual property improperly, please notify us at Please review further information in our terms of service. All claims are handled on a case-by-case basis.

TeeBlaster Service for Campaign Owners

Creating and Selling Custom Merchandise

The TeeBlaster service lets campaign owners create campaigns and sell custom merchandise. By creating a campaign through the TeeBlaster service, you warrant and represent that you own or are licensed to use any and all trademarks, copyrights or intellectual property. Upon request, you must provide TeeBlaster with evidence of your rights to the intellectual property in question.

Campaign Creation and Details

As part of the creation process, TeeBlast™ campaign owners are asked to give specific details of their campaign including: art files for print, approximate location on the garment, product details such as brand, style, colors, etc. Your choices establish the base cost for the product that will be offered to TeeBlaster customers and made available as part of your campaign. The TeeBlaster campaign owner sets the retail price they want to charge. The retail price minus the base cost of the garment plus TeeBlaster service fees equals the TeeBlaster campaign owner's profit/margin. By submitting a campaign for launch, TeeBlaster campaign owners agree to this formula and all items contained in the terms and conditions found on the site.

Payouts to TeeBlast™ Campaign Owners

Payouts to campaign owners do not happen until all orders have been fulfilled and delivered to customers. Once all orders are fulfilled and delivered, payouts are typically made on the following Tuesday. provides Campaign Owners with live approximate QTYs sold as well as estimated revenue. These estimates and approximations are gathered from site data and reporting. These figures are provided as estimates and approximations only. The actual payout you receive will be determined and confirmed at the end of your campaign when all orders have been fulfilled and delivered.

Method of Payout

TeeBlaster lets you choose your desired method of payout. TeeBlaster campaign owners must select their method and provide all necessary information before a payout can occur. Please make sure your preferred method of payment is selected by the end of your campaign.

Tax Information

If you receive more than $600 in profits from TeeBlaster, it is required by US law that you fill out a Form W-9. This Form is readily available for download If you are a US citizen and are set to receive more than $600 from TeeBlaster, TeeBlaster may require a completed W-9 prior to any payouts.

If you are an international seller you will need to comply with your country's specific tax system and implications. Please get the advise of your own tax professional to ensure you are obeying all tax codes and laws applicable to income generated with TeeBlaster.

Unclaimed Payout

If a TeeBlast™ campaign owner fails to provide us with complete and accurate payment info and potential payouts go unclaimed for more than sixty (60) days, the TeeBlast™ campaign owner waives all rights and title to the unclaimed payout. TeeBlast campaign owners have the ability to login to their registered account at any time to easily view their balances and approximate pending payouts.

Garment and Printing Pricing Changes

At any time you may change the markup on top of the base cost by editing your StoreFrontier™ item/items on the website. If you wish to change the pricing of a TeeBlast™, you will need to end the current TeeBlast™ prior to an adjustment of the retail price. We may change the base cost of garments and printing at any time and without specific notice. Changes made to the base cost will be reflected on all future products, but not on individual sales after the customer has submitted an order to the website. 

Garment model, sizing and color selections are subject to change and based on availability and our discretion. StoreFrontier/TeeBlaster may choose to remove options and garments from the site without specific notice. If a specific garment model, color or brand is no longer made available, we will seek to provide a near-equivalent alternative, whereby existing product offerings can be re-created using the new near-equivalent garment offering.

TeeBlaster Privacy Policy

The TeeBlaster website uses cookies, tracking pixels and related technologies. Cookies are small data files that are served by our platform and stored on your device. Our site uses cookies dropped by us or third parties for a variety of purposes including to operate and personalize the website.

We may collect the following categories of information for the purposes explained below.

  • Website activity: This is data about your browsing activity on the TeeBlaster website. For example, which pages you visited and when, and what items you placed into your online shopping cart.
  • Device and browser information: This is technical information about the device or browser you use to access the TeeBlaster website. For example, your device's IP address, cookie string data and (in the case of mobile devices) your device type and mobile device's unique identifier such as the Apple IDFA or Android Advertising ID.
  • Ad data: This is data about the online ads that are served (or attempted to serve) to you. It includes things like how many times an ad has been served to you, what page the ad appeared on, and whether you clicked on or otherwise interacted with the ad.

We use this data to help identify and serve ads to you that are more relevant to you. This data is also used to operate, improve and enhance advertising services including enhancing the data points about a particular user, browser, or device. All data is anonymous and cannot be used to identify the visitor.

You can opt out of receiving targeted ads served by us or on our behalf by clicking on the blue icon in the corner of the ads we serve or by going to Please note that, if you delete your cookies or upgrade your browser after having opted out, you will need to opt out again. Further, if you use multiple browsers or devices you will need to execute this opt out on each browser or device. If you opt-out we may collect some data about your online activity for operational purposes (such as fraud prevention) but it won't be used by us for the purpose of targeting ads to you.

Customs Information for International Orders

TeeBlaster gladly accepts orders from all around the world. Shipping rates and fees vary depending on the delivery address for your order.

Orders shipped outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches the recipient's country. As the order recipient, you must comply with all laws and regulations of your destination country.

Additional charges for customs clearance must be fulfilled by the recipient; TeeBlaster has no control over these charges, nor can TeeBlaster predict what they may be.

Customs policies vary widely from country to country; please contact your local customs office for more information. Customs clearance procedures, can cause delays beyond our original delivery estimates.