The Knight Lights

The Knight Lights

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What you need to know

My name is Ricthiam Evans and I am one third of the art group ScorpionHouse.Studios. We are a realtily new group. However, The Knight Lights are based on a personal book series and web comic in the works. The story is fictional and inspired by events and personal experiences. The reason behind it, is to portray life through the eyes of children. Sure they're young, but even children have personal struggles and issues with growing up within society. This can be seen within my upcoming story. They are our future and they have to work together to protect not only themselves and their famlies, but the future of mankind. The reason for this design is to give children a hero or heroes they can admire more on their level. Also, I want a platform to introduce my work to the world, because I have a lot to say. But until then, thank you for taking the time to look at my design, and thanks to TeeBlaster for giving me the opportunity.